Despite this increase, the business volume has not followed the same upward trend, but has even shown a decrease compared to previous years affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Structural Business Statistics of non-financial companies, recently published with data from the 2021 fiscal year, reveals an 11.5% increase in the number of real estate companies over a three-year period, surpassing a thousand for the first time. However, the business volume has not managed to maintain the same pace, registering a decrease in the last fiscal year.

Regarding establishments, a significant growth of 12.1% over three years is also observed. However, the pandemic also had an impact, causing a reduction in the number of establishments during the affected period.

As for the employed personnel, it has remained relatively stable over the past three years, despite fluctuations during the peak of the pandemic. As for the business volume, although there was a slight increase in 2021, it remains lower than the levels prior to the health crisis.

In terms of results and operating margins, a reduction has been observed over these three years, along with a decrease in spending per employee.

On the other hand, the report highlights a general increase in the number of active companies, with a strong growth in the services sector. Sales of non-financial companies showed a significant increase in 2021, despite the negative impact of the pandemic the previous year.

As for investment in assets, there has been an increase, with real estate activities standing out as one of the main areas of investment.