After the construction halt, the City Council of Escaldes-Engordany is studying measures to improve the housing situation, either by benefiting property owners or serving as a guarantee to banks. As explained by Rosa Gili in ‘Today Will Be a Good Day,’ there will also be reflection on the deadlines for urban planning licenses.

Escaldes-Engordany faces a deficit of space, as well as affordable housing.

Therefore, the City Council will analyze the details of load studies. It is beginning to explore measures such as benefiting property owners with non-abusive practices or serving as a cushion for banks, with which it has already held discussions.

“Can we assist more with bank guarantees? I know the Government did it to some extent, but it fell short. Can we buy an apartment? Because we provide a bit of an injection of hope for all those people who are suffering.” Rosa Gili, Mayor of Escaldes-Engordany Beyond halting construction, with the revision of the urban plan, there will be consideration to reduce the years of construction licenses.

“We will contemplate various changes because I have come across licenses that lasted many years. It’s a reflection to be made. That is, if certain rights are granted, you have X time, and if not used, you lose them and have to start again.” Rosa Gili, Mayor of Escaldes-Engordany In fact, there are still pending constructions of towers with 4 owners, although with the latest agreement, no new ones can be closed. The parameters of construction cannot be changed until this August.

Gili acknowledges that this halt affects communal funds, but she argues that the corporation has good finances and will work to consolidate income sources not dependent on construction. For example, with publicly-owned parking lots.

The transformation of the upper part of the parish and making Madriu the jewel in the crown are the main objectives of the mandate.

The need for the multifunctional is not clear Gili maintains doubts about the need for the multifunctional if it is only for hosting occasional events and shows. In addition, the Mayor of Escaldes-Engordany makes it clear that there is a shortage of space in the parish, and she “would not know where to put it

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